A History of Giving

Since 1857, James Richardson & Sons, Limited has maintained a strong belief in giving back to the communities in which they serve, and that belief continues today. It’s a commitment borne of respect and appreciation for the places our employees call home and for the moments that make up life beyond the workplace.

In 1957, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of James Richardson & Sons, Limited, corporate philanthropy was initiated through the Richardson Century Fund. In 2000, this entity was renamed the Richardson Foundation and a new vision and mission statement was introduced, focused on helping create sustainable futures for registered Canadian charitable organizations in the Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Youth Initiatives and Environmental Issues.

The Richardson Foundation is the giving arm of James Richardson & Sons, Limited, and affiliated companies in Canada, and is the medium through which these companies make their charitable donations in the towns and cities across the country. Interested applicants are asked to submit detailed written proposals to our local business locations. Requests received by these companies are passed along to Head Office with a recommendation from the manager or management group at the location involved. In turn, these proposals are reviewed individually on their own merit by the Board of Trustees of the Richardson Foundation.

Specifically, the Richardson Foundation endeavours to support registered Canadian charities in the following areas: the Visual and Performing Arts, Education, Youth Initiatives and Environmental Issues. The Foundation does not support health care/health care initiatives, religious or sectarian organizations and conferences/seminars. Under Canada Revenue guidelines, support from this source cannot be directed to an individual under any circumstances.

If you have a great idea to improve your community, let us know. Contact you local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre.