As one of Canada’s leading handlers of grains and oilseeds, Richardson International has developed an extensive network of four strategically located port terminals to move Canadian-grown product into the global marketplace.

Our terminals in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Thunder Bay and Hamilton, Ontario and Sorel-Tracy, Quebec each provide key transport links to customers, underscoring a strength in grain merchandising and helping to foster profitable, long-term relationships between Canadian growers and the world’s millers, maltsters, feed manufacturers and oilseed processors.

North Vancouver, British Columbia

One of the most successful grain handling facilities in the world, Richardson International’s North Vancouver facility exports on average, nearly 3MM metric tonnes of grain each year. The North Vancouver terminal is a major exporter of canola and cereal grains to countries along the Pacific Rim.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Richardson International’s terminal in Thunder Bay is a mainstay of our export operations and is one of Canada’s top handlers of durum wheat, feed peas and oats. Our Thunder Bay facility is the furthest inland port terminal connecting Western Canada to the Atlantic Ocean and remains a major hub for shipping to the U.S., Mexico and South America.

Hamilton, Ontario

Our port facility in Hamilton, Ontario, the most recent addition to the Richardson International terminal network, was completed in 1998. Well received by producers and buyers alike, the terminal was soon expanded to meet the growing challenges and opportunities inherent in a rapidly evolving marketplace. This terminal is a favoured link for Ontario wheat, corn and soybeans, providing excellent access to both Atlantic and U.S. markets.

Sorel-Tracy, Québec

Located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, our terminal in Sorel-Tracy tranships grain from the west. Richardson International Sorel is instrumental in developing new markets for locally grown crops such as corn and soybeans.