Products & Services

Bulk Oils

Richardson Oilseed Processing is a quality supplier of bulk industrial food-grade canola and blended vegetable oils to the Canadian and U.S. marketplaces. We collaborate with customers to provide solutions that meet their specific production and nutritional requirements. All of our products are Kosher approved and go through a rigorous quality assurance procedure before being shipped. Our products are also available in truckload or railcar quantities.

High Oleic Specialty Canola Oil

High Oleic-Low Linolenic canola oil performs like liquid shortening in the deep fryer, but is a healthier, non-hydrogenated alternative to traditional fats. With a longer fry life, this product is particularly suitable for extended frying or other high temperature applications.

Expeller Pressed Canola Oil

This 100% pure canola oil is cold pressed from traditionally-bred seed, making the oil especially attractive to the Natural Foods market. All canola seed used in this product is sourced from our Identity Preservation program in conjunction with Richardson Pioneer, ensuring our customers know exactly what they are buying.

Salad Oil

A lighter and healthier way to dress salads, this canola-rich oil is suitable for most applications and can be made available with or without additives, depending on your specific requirements.

Liquid Shortening

With quality attributes like low fat absorption and consistent performance, this liquid shortening is specially formulated to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Meal & Pellets

Canola meal, the remainder of the canola seed after oil extraction, is sold as value-added, specialty feed ingredient products for livestock. With an amino acid content that approaches that of milk protein, canola meal has proven to be both a healthy and cost-effective way to increase protein levels in feed.