“I was very lucky to start in a company where there are many accountants all working toward their CPA. It really motivated me.”

Nav loves the challenge of continuous growth and she is leveraging Richardson International’s unique Finance & Accounting Development Program to reach her goal of earning her Chartered Professional Accounting designation.

Why Richardson

Nav started at Richardson as an accounting clerk after learning about the company at a career fair at Winnipeg’s Red River College. With a business administration diploma, her first job at Richardson was paying truck and rail freight invoices. Today, Nav is an Accounting Analyst.

“I have had five different roles in the company so far,” said Nav. “They’ve always been really different and there’s always been a lot to learn.”

The door to new experiences opened wide for Nav once she started the Finance & Accounting Development Program.

“I used to hear all the time that you will only get the experience by working at big accounting firms,” said Nav about earning a CPA designation. “That’s not true. Richardson provides all the experience that’s needed.”

Richardson supports those working towards their CPA designation, recognizing there is a considerable commitment to study. Helping prepare CPA students to write exams, the company provides financial support, hands-on industry training, and day-to-day support and mentorship thanks to the expertise of managers.

Skills in Action

Right after Nav started at Richardson, she decided she wanted to earn her CPA designation.

“There was so much support, there was no reason not to go down this path.”

Nav felt confident making that decision as her education gave her a solid foundation. She had exposure to relevant software programs in the courses she had taken and working on group projects in school taught her how to collaborate effectively with others. Working in a team environment at Richardson has helped Nav build her communication skills. She’s also been able to develop strong time management, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Making an Impact

“Working at Richardson taught me that I have more potential than I thought I had.

“Recently, I found out that there’s a task that I do that vice-presidents look at every day. All the little tasks that I do actually have a big impact on the company overall.”

Nav also appreciates the variety in her work, noting how every day and every project can be different.

“When you work at an accounting firm, it’s kind of the same task for different companies,” said Nav. “Here at Richardson, within one department there are so many roles. There are always different things to learn.”

Word of Advice

The perception that working at big firms is the only way to earn a CPA designation is prevalent, but Nav encourages students to consider the benefits of Richardson’s Finance & Accounting Development Program.

“You will get all the experience that’s needed. You will get a mentor. You will get all the support mentally that’s needed because – trust me – it’s very important when you’re taking CPA courses – they get tough!”

Nav said her willingness to learn and grow, a positive attitude, and the supportive environment that Richardson offers has set her on a path to success.

“Once I have my designation, there are still so many things that I want to accomplish. I can be in the company for another 20 years and still continue to grow.”