Richardson Milling Whole Grain Oat Flour is typically made by grinding and sifting kilned groats. Utilizing oat flakes as a source for grinding can alter the functional characteristics of the flour.

Richardson Milling Oat Bran is manufactured according to the AACC1 definition which has been adopted by the FDA for the purpose of the 1997 oat soluble fiber health claim. Through our milling technology and raw material selection, we are able to target beta-glucan levels that enable customers to more effectively make health claims.

Whole Oat Flour, Medium Oat Bran and Fine Oat Bran are available in bulk (truck & rail), 50 lb bags, and super sacs.

1 “Oat Bran is the food which is produced by grinding clean oat groats or rolled oats and separating the resulting oat flour by sieving bolting, and/or other suitable means into fractions such that the oat bran fraction is not more than 50% of the original starting material and has a total beta-glucan content of at least 5.5% (dry-weight basis) and a total dietary fiber content of at least 16.0% (dry-weight basis), and such that at least one-third of the total dietary fiber is soluble fiber.”