Richardson Oilseed is fully integrated through the entire canola supply chain. Strong grower relationships through our Richardson Pioneer network provide us with the quality seed that gets processed into canola oil at our plants in Yorkton, SK and Lethbridge, AB. These plants supply our specialty packaging facilities in Lethbridge, AB and Oakville, ON in addition to global markets.

Our facilities are strategically positioned to supply key markets in Canada and the U.S. as well as export opportunities. We have the capability to produce a wide variety of shortening and margarine products as well as packaged oil. With our wide portfolio of products, we are a major supplier for the ingredient, retail, and food service markets.

Richardson Oilseed is an integrated and innovative manufacturer of canola-based oils, margarines and shortenings supplying retail, food service, food manufacturing and industrial bakers worldwide.

We offer products in a variety of packaging formats under our brands and under customer private label brands such as Romana, Rimini and Heartlight.

Our brand, Canola Harvest, offers pure Canadian canola oil, canola oil blends, margarines and sprays. Learn more about Canola Harvest at

Romana, which is 100 per cent canola oil, is sold to food service operators. Romana Clear Fry is a canola oil with an antifoaming agent added for deep frying. Heartlight is pure canola oil that is sold to our customers overseas.