Richardson Oilseed margarine and laminating fats are specially formulated to provide consistent functionality, full flavor and health benefits like lower saturated fats, no cholesterol and fewer calories. We are a proven supplier of PHO-free solutions since 2003 with a variety of products within the following categories:

Baking Margarines: All purpose margarines made from non-hydrogenated vegetable oils that provide the texture similar to butter at a much reduced cost.

Soft Margarines: Formulated with non-hydrogenated oils to be spreadable directly from refrigerated temperatures.

Roll-In Margarines and Laminating Fats: Formulated with non-hydrogenated vegetable oils to provide ideal performance in a laminated dough application like croissants, danishes and puff pastry.

Products are packaged in cubes, pails and totes and options include clean label, allergen free and Non-GMO.