Richardson Oilseed has a wide variety of shortening products formulated with non-hydrogenated oils for specific applications. The following portfolio of products have been proven PHO-free solutions since 2003:

All-Purpose Shortenings: We formulate our products with non-hydrogenated vegetable oils to meet a variety of mixing and creaming properties to best meet your needs. Our bakery technicians also understand the importance of mouthfeel, moisture retention, structure and texture.

Donut Fry Shortenings: Our non-hydrogenated vegetable oil products include formulations with lower palm oil content to reduce flavour issues and lower saturated fats.

Cake and Icing Shortenings: Selected emulsifier systems are incorporated into our non-hydrogenated oils to provide the necessary aeration and moisture retention.

Palm-Free Shortening: All-purpose shortening used in cookies, muffins and general baking.