Richardson Oilseed works diligently to meet the growing demand for canola oil domestically and internationally and much of this work happens at our processing plants. We are invested in providing quality products from our quality facilities to end users around the world.

We own and operate a fully-integrated canola processing, oil refining and packaging plant in Lethbridge, Alberta, which was one of the first in the world to market canola oil. In 2010, we expanded our footprint by building a state-of-the-art canola seed processing and canola oil refining facility in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Combined, these two plants process over 1.6 million metric tonnes of canola seed per year, producing over 700,000 metric tonnes of oil and over 900,000 metric tonnes of meal annually.

Both plants have integrated refineries, and the Lethbridge plant features a fully-integrated packaging facility where we bottle oil in addition to packing margarine and shortening. Richardson also operates a margarine and shortening plant in Oakville, Ontario.