Connected Globally

In Western Canada, the country’s prime growing region, Richardson moves western Canadian canola and cereal grains to customers around the world through its ports in British Columbia. Richardson’s North Vancouver terminal, Prince Rupert Grain and Cascadia are the three largest volume grain terminals in Canada.

In Eastern Canada, Richardson is focused on grain handling and merchandising. We serve growers in Ontario and Quebec through our port terminal elevators in Hamilton, Ontario, Thunder Bay, Ontario and Sorel, Québec.

  • Thunder Bay Terminals

    thunder bay

    Richardson’s two terminals in Thunder Bay are some of Canada’s top handlers of durum wheat, feed peas and oats. The terminals are the furthest inland port terminals connecting Western Canada to the Atlantic Ocean and remain major hubs for shipping to the U.S., Mexico and South America.

    Hamilton Port Terminal

    hamilton terminal

    Our port terminal in Hamilton, completed in 1998, is a favoured link for Ontario wheat, corn and soybeans and provides excellent access to both the Atlantic and U.S. markets.

    Sorel-Tracy Terminal

    sorel tracy

    Located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, our terminal in Sorel-Tracy is instrumental in developing new markets for locally grown crops such as corn and soybeans. The terminal transships grain from Western Canada.

  • North Vancouver Terminal

    north vancouver terminal

    One of the most successful grain handling facilities in the world, Richardson’s North Vancouver facility is a major exporter of canola and cereal grains to countries along the Pacific Rim. This terminal recently underwent construction, which nearly doubled storage capacity and was completed in November 2015.

    Cascadia Terminal


    Richardson has a 25 per cent ownership share in the Cascadia terminal, and shares ownership with Viterra. The Cascadia terminal ships western Canadian grains to markets in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

    Prince Rupert Grain Terminal

    prince rupert

    Richardson International is a joint shareholder in the Prince Rupert Grain Terminal with Viterra and Cargill. Richardson owns 24 per cent of the terminal. Prince Rupert Grain exports western Canadian grains to markets in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.