Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Richardson is truly invested because you are. Through the Richardson Foundation, we donate over $1.5 million each year to support a variety of community projects and organizations across Canada where our customers and employees live and do business.

Here are some examples of how Richardson is helping to create stronger communities across Western Canada.

Raymore Swimming Pool

Featured Projects - Raymore S.O.S. donationSwimmers of all ages are backstroking and butterflying their way to the Richardson Pioneer Community Water Park in Raymore, Saskatchewan after Richardson Pioneer donated $150,000 to support the opening of a new outdoor pool for the community.

The former 45-year-old pool was forced to close due to pipe and filtration system problems, and since the pool is a hub for Raymore’s 600 residents and the surrounding area, Richardson stepped up to bring it back to the community.

“Upgrading facilities that directly benefit our rural communities is something that we feel very strongly about. We are very proud to be a part of the community, and we are committed to doing our part to help build even stronger communities for generations to come.” – Danny Sauer, Director of Operations at Richardson Pioneer, Last Mountain.

West Niagara Ag Society Fairgrounds

Featured Projects - West Niagara Ag Society DonationThe West Niagara Agricultural Society wants to help raise awareness for agriculture and Richardson helped them out with a $100,000 donation towards the new agriculture centre, now named the Richardson Hall in Grassie, ON.

The 24,000 square-foot hall has a red and white barn-like façade. It will serve as a livestock show space for the fair and as a concession stand with indoor and outdoor access windows. The new facility will bring the community together to learn about agriculture and its importance in the west Niagara community.

“We wanted to get involved with this project due to its proximity to Richardson’s Hamilton terminal and the fact that it will benefit many surrounding communities,” said Riley Verhelst, Director of Operations in Hamilton.

North End Skate Park

Featured Projects - North End Skate ParkKids in Souris, Manitoba needed a gathering place for some outdoor fun, which is why they began fundraising to build a new skate park. Richardson donated $10,000 towards their efforts.

The new skate park services up to 40 kids from Souris and the surrounding areas and is a gathering place for outdoor activities in the community.

“This donation that was put forward to help build the North End Skate Park in Souris has created a landmark that has been a big community focus for quite some time. It is also a sense of pride for the employees of Richardson Pioneer that work and live in the community.” – Dan Brown, Grain Merchant, Richardson Pioneer Brandon.