Richardson is truly invested because you are. Through the Richardson Foundation, we donate over $1.5 million each year to support a variety of community projects and organizations across Canada where our customers and employees live and do business.

Here are some examples of how Richardson is helping to create stronger communities across Western Canada.

Rose Valley Fire Department Rebuilds

Losing a fire hall to a fire seems unimaginable, but this was the unfortunate case for Rose Valley, SK and the surrounding communities. In December 2015, a fire caused by a faulty battery charger destroyed the Rose Valley & District Volunteer Fire Department’s hall and equipment, causing a huge gap between communities and certain emergency services, which were now unavailable to Rose Valley, the RM of Ponass Lake and the Village of Fosston.

“The heat was so intense it caused structural damage to the building and destroyed all of our equipment. The ladders and helmets melted while fire suits had burns throughout,” says Dale Whitford, Fire Chief for the Rose Valley & District Volunteer Fire Department.“The loss of our fire hall, fire trucks and all equipment was overwhelming for the Rose Valley Fire Department and the communities we serve. Without local response, our communities now face long response times and greatly increased risk.”

Although the fire department’s insurance helped cover a large portion of the $750,000 required for the new hall and equipment, the 18 volunteer fire fighters were tasked with raising the rest of the necessary funds to build a new hall and replace the equipment. Through the Richardson Foundation, Richardson Pioneer was happy to step up with a $50,000 donation earlier this spring.

“The volunteer fire department is made up of people we live within the community and producers we do business with. They are the people on the scene fighting fires, providing support for vehicular accidents, assisting with environmental spills and more,” says Carter Kolybaba, Director of Operations for Richardson Pioneer Wadena. “At Richardson Pioneer, we are proud to invest in projects that matter to help ensure the safety of the people in our communities.”

Richardson Community Clubhouse

The Richardson Oilseed team was honoured to attend Yorkton, SK’s annual Friday Night Lights Football game on September 23, and not just because of their love of sport. The much-anticipated game also acted as the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the new Richardson Community Clubhouse.

“The community we have here, it’s the best”, said Roby Sharpe, head coach of the Yorkton Regional High School senior football team and president of Yorkton Minor Football. “They come together and great things always happen”.

The $100,000 donation made by Richardson Oilseed in 2015 was a significant support to the Yorkton Minor Football Club in their efforts to build their community clubhouse. Along with financial support from five other community businesses, the football club was able to complete the project in time for the start of the new football season. Not exclusive to the football club, use of the new clubhouse will be available to everyone.

“We feel fortunate to have been able to be part of this project”, said Darrell Sobkow, Vice-President of Operations for Richardson Oilseed. “We’re proud to be a part of Yorkton and its surrounding communities and we look to continue to support projects that have a lasting impact”.

The evening was well attended and featured special guest Craig Reynolds, President and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The Yorkton Raiders were victorious against the Moose Jaw Central Cyclones with a final score of 56-14.

North End Skate Park

Kids in Souris, Manitoba needed a gathering place for some outdoor fun, which is why they began fundraising to build a new skate park. Richardson donated $10,000 towards their efforts.

The new skate park services up to 40 kids from Souris and the surrounding areas and is a gathering place for outdoor activities in the community.

“This donation that was put forward to help build the North End Skate Park in Souris has created a landmark that has been a big community focus for quite some time. It is also a sense of pride for the employees of Richardson Pioneer that work and live in the community.” – Dan Brown, Grain Merchant, Richardson Pioneer Brandon.