As one of Lethbridge’s largest employers, we believe in keeping our community strong. Richardson Oilseed Limited hosts the annual invitational Charity Golf Classic tournament in Lethbridge, AB to bring suppliers, customers and friends of Richardson together for a day of golf to raise funds for important causes in Lethbridge and the surrounding communities.

Recognized as one of the premiere Alberta tournaments, the Richardson Charity Golf Classic has raised over $2 million since its inception in 1991. With outstanding support from many sponsors and golfers, we have been able to support over 70 charities and organizations that service southern Alberta communities.

Each February, we accept applications from charities and other organizations raising funds for projects. We specifically look for projects that help grow the community and will have a lasting impact. Interested charities can drop off their applications in person at the Richardson Oilseed Lethbridge facility or by emailing Krista MacNeil at once the call for applications has been announced.