Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Alk

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Alk

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Alk

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This week’s Richardson Is employee spotlight is Alk, Managing Director of our Richardson Milling U.K. facility in Bedford, England.

Richardson Milling U.K., formerly European Oat Millers, was acquired by Richardson one year ago in June 2017. Alk, who has worked for the business for nearly seven years, works with the team to purchase oats from British farmers, process it and make ingredients for customers in the U.K. and in 25 countries around the world. The products they produce include breakfast cereals, other food products, beverages and animal feed.


Alk at GameWhat is an average day like in your role?

“Truly there is no such thing as an average day. Every day brings unexpected surprises. To sum it up, my role is to see that supply and demand is balanced in a business running at high capacity, while ensuring our employees operate in a safe environment. I also work to ensure food safety standards are high and that customers worldwide are happy and valued.”


What do you like most about your role with Richardson?

“I feel fortunate that Richardson Milling U.K. is a fully integrated business. I enjoy the daily balance between operational activities, financial management, sales and market development, product innovation and employee development. All of these aspects are the ingredients to get to that winning recipe.”


Why would you recommend a career in agriculture?

“Putting food on family tables is noble work. It is exciting, fast moving, complex and challenging.”


What’s something interesting about Bedford that Canadians might not know?

“We buy the majority of our grain within 80 miles of our business. Our area is described as the ‘bread basket’ of the U.K. Bedford also has one of the largest Italian communities outside of Italy. The tradition of English afternoon tea was actually invented in Bedford by the Duchess of Bedfordshire.”


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

“I enjoy spending time with my wife walking our dogs, socializing with friends, following sports and traveling. We support different sports in England, but I’m now an adopted Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Sorry Winnipeg Jets supporters!”

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