Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Evan

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Evan

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Evan

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Evan Quiring

Introducing Evan, an Office Services Coordinator at our Richardson head office in Winnipeg, and this week’s Richardson Is employee spotlight!

Evan while sketchingEvan ships and receives mail and packages from all over the world. He also picks up and drops off mail for 11 floors in the Richardson building and often assists with moving office furniture.


What do you like most about your role with Richardson?

I work with a great group of people in the Office Services department and in all other departments across the company. I get to meet so many people. There’s never a dull moment.


What’s different about your role with Richardson?

For someone who works in an office, I rarely sit down.


Lucha Mystery

The cover of Evan’s comic “Lucha Mystery.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m busying writing, drawing and playing guitar. I’m currently writing and drawing a comic book series called Lucha Mystery, which is published by Scattered Comics. They’re a small publisher in the U.S. I’ve been writing and illustrating comics since 2002.

It takes me approximately three months to produce a single, 22-page comic issue. I write, draw and letter all of my own books.

Even though it’s a long way away, I’ll be having my own art show at Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg in September 2019. I’m also hoping to start a new band later this year!


How did you get started writing and illustrating?

Back in the late 1990s, I used to get freelance gigs drawing posters for local bands. In 2001, I attended the San Diego Comic Con and showed samples of my work. After that, I was offered freelance jobs drawing comics for small publishers. I’ve created artwork for around 10 publishers.

My first published work was for Alternative Comics in a graphic design novel called 911: Emergency Relief. I drew a story for my friend who was living in DC at the time and wrote about his experiences on September 11, 2001.

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