Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Jarrod

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Jarrod

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Jarrod

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Jarrod Fogal

Meet Jarrod, one of our new Provincial Agronomists based out of the Richardson Pioneer Divisional Office in Regina, SK, and this week’s Richardson Is employee spotlight!

As one of three Provincial Agronomists, Jarrod spends much of his time focusing on digital agriculture, specifically Richardson Pioneer’s agronomy platform called CropMatrix™. Digital agriculture programs like CropMatrix™ allow farmers to keep records, create crop plans, view satellite imagery of their farms and estimate economic return.

With the growing season coming up shortly, Jarrod will also spend time developing demonstration trials, called Richardson Optimal Yield (ROY) Trials, at Richardson’s demonstration farms. These trials will benefit our farm customers by providing resources on how to push yields and profitability.

Growing up in Saskatchewan, agriculture was always a part of Jarrod’s live. It’s been a focal point of everything he’s learned and everywhere he’s travelled, which is why he chose to pursue a career in agronomy and agriculture.

Jarrod is a Twitter star this week (starting May 7, 2018) as the first agronomist to take over Richardson Pioneer’s new CropWatch™ agronomy team Twitter account. He’s tweeting this week and a different Richardson Pioneer agronomist will take over the platform each week. Follow along at @RPCropWatch to read about a wide range of agricultural practices, new and exciting technology and day-to-day occurrences at our demonstration farms and on farms across Western Canada.


Jarrod and son

Jarrod and his son.

What’s an average day like as a Provincial Agronomist?

What’s an average day? No two days are the same. I have my fair share of meetings and infinite emails, but I spend as much time as possible trying to assist agronomists at our Richardson Pioneer locations with varying agronomic issues and CropMatrix™. All three of the Provincial Agronomists have a different focus, and my main focus is digital agriculture.


What do you like most about your role with Richardson?

The challenge! Every day is different, and the speed at which technology is growing and changing in agriculture is exciting. I enjoy meeting with manufacturers of other digital platforms, developing an understanding of how their platform is positioned and finding ways to work together and integrate.


Why would you recommend a career in agriculture?

Opportunity! This industry is whatever you want it to be. From field to fork, it’s all related to agriculture. A long and—dare I say—fruitful career awaits for anyone and everyone interested.


What are you and your team planning for this summer?

Our role as Provincial Agronomists will be to support the Richardson Pioneer locations in our respective provinces with consistent information so they can better provide value to our customers.

We’ve also developed the new ROY Trials at Kelburn Farm and Bennett Farm to demonstrate how proper agronomics combined with quality products can increase our customers’ success.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time biking and travelling with my family. I have a 16-month-old son who keeps me on my toes! I’m excited for summer to set in so we can all spend more time outdoors.

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