Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Steve

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Steve

Richardson Is Employee Spotlight – Steve

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Steve Robbins

This week’s Richardson Is employee spotlight is Steve, Product Development Manager at our Richardson Oilseed canola processing facility in Lethbridge, AB. Steve has been with Richardson for almost 10 years.

In the Product Development department, Steve and his team create new canola-based products for our customers through tests and trials. This includes testing ingredients in our laboratory to create a new recipe and running trials of the product in our kitchen to see how it performs in a finished application, which can include using the products to make goodies like pie crusts or cookies. The team then samples the new product with our customers and works with them to refine the formulation to meet their end-use needs.

Steve and his team will soon be part of the new $30-million Richardson Innovation Centre, a state-of-the-art research and product development centre in downtown Winnipeg. Featuring the latest technology and equipment for research and product development, the new facility will complement our food and ingredients division and will house our food development and quality assurance teams. Read more about the announcement here.


Steve Robbins HikingWhat’s an average day like in your role?

I’m fortunate that not very many of my days are average. I have a fair share of meetings and emails, but I get to spend time doing a lot of other activities like running plant trials, visiting our customers and helping troubleshoot issues.

Most days, my team and I spend some time in the lab working on ideas, and then take those ideas to our pilot plant to see if our concept has potential as a new product.


What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part is when one of our plants starts producing one of our new products that I worked to develop. It’s very satisfying to see a new product, which has taken time and effort, come rolling off one of our production lines and being shipped to our customers.


What’s an interesting fact about your job?

Sometimes we get to test our products in various applications. This means we might be frying chicken strips or baking cookies. It’s amazing how popular our department becomes when we have a tray of freshly-made food!


Steve Robbins Cycling

Steve cycling in the mountains.

What do you like about working in agriculture?

The best part about working in the agriculture industry is being able to relate to people about it. Everyone eats food, so even if you don’t have a bottle of our Canola Harvest oil in your pantry, you’ve probably eaten a cookie made with our margarine or a French fry cooked in our oil.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Most of my spare time is spent at home with my family. Rousing games of Go Fish or tag keep my evenings busy.

I’m really looking forward to summer—if it ever arrives—so I can start cycling again, too!

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