#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

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#RichardsonIs is a new campaign that we are launching to introduce you to some of the great people who work for our company.

This week, #RichardsonIs…Manuel, who is proud to have been part of the Richardson International team for the past four years.

Manuel has a part in ensuring important agriculture shipments that are destined for world-wide destinations arrive efficiently and on time.

As Senior Coordinator in our Office Services department, Manuel has the opportunity to connect with every employee at our Winnipeg head office while making the inter-office mail delivery rounds.

“My favourite part of the job is having the chance to really get to know everyone in head office, which in Winnipeg is around 400 people, and provide all my coworkers with customer service.”

Manuel’s responsibilities include tracking and following up on shipments that are destined for, or arriving from, all corners of the world. When there are delays with shipping, it’s Manuel who ensures all packages reach their destination in a timely, efficient manner. His job also requires him to venture out of the office three times a day to visit neighbouring ag industry partners such as the Canadian Grain Commission, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce to deliver or pick up documents and grain samples.

After immigrating to Canada in 2011 from the Dominican Republic, Manuel keeps his roots close to home by getting together with friends for Dominican themed nights where they cook, dance and enjoy their culture.

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