#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

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#RichardsonIs introduces you to some of the great people who work for our company and showcases the diversity of career options in agriculture.

This week, #RichardsonIs…Shantelle, Sales Agronomist out of our Carlton Crossing Ag Business Centre just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Her Role: As a Sales Agronomist, Shantelle works with farmers to help them grow crops to produce food, animal feed as well as fuel. A sales agronomist’s work is structured around the four seasons. In the fall, she conducts soil samples to assess the nutrient levels in their soil. Winter months are spent making crop plans with her growers as well as attending meeting and events to learn about new products. Come spring and summer, Shantelle is out in the field scouting for insects, disease and weeds.

Favourite Part of the Job: “I am always learning since there are always new products on the market, new management strategies to try out and new research being conducted that helps me provide sound advice to our growers so they can farm smarter and more efficiently.”

Why Shantelle Recommends a Career in Ag: “There are many different areas within agriculture; when you choose to pursue a career in ag you aren’t stuck with the same tasks every day. Even now, as a sales agronomist, I take part in crop input sales and grain marketing. If you have the drive to learn and try something new, agriculture has endless opportunities.”

Out of Office: When Shantelle isn’t scouting fields or testing soil, she enjoys going home on the weekends to help out on the family farm in Central Butte, SK. She also likes to spend time at Palliser Lake (Lake Diefenbaker).

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