#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

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#RichardsonIs introduces you to some of the great people who work for our company and showcases the diversity of career options in agriculture.

Chuck at work in our Winnipeg Head Office.

This week, #RichardsonIs…Chuck, a member of our Executive Team and Senior Vice-President, Technology. Chuck is responsible for our Management Information Services department, Automations and Controls and Product Innovation.

His Role: Considering his complex title, Chuck explained his job quite simply and broke it down into two parts: The first is trying to understand all things related to technology and then figuring out how we incorporate them into our company. The second part is simply listening to people, watching what they are doing, and then giving them the support to help them excel in their roles, and in turn, help the company succeed.

Favourite Part of the Job: “By far, my favourite part of the work that I do is meeting with, talking with, and working with everyone in this company. I’m lucky to have a role that spans across all our businesses, and, as such, I get to be exposed to and involved in so many different aspects of our work. Richardson really has wonderful people…people that make me laugh, people that are incredibly knowledgeable that I get to learn from, and people who not only work hard, but have fun while they’re at it.”

Why Chuck Recommends a Career in Agriculture: “A career in ag can lead to so many different things. It’s a global business, so for some it can be a chance to see the world. It’s an increasingly complex business with such unique challenges to solve. People will always need to eat, so our industry is always going to be here, in one form or another. It’s also a real business, serving a real and lasting need that is world-wide. People who work in agriculture really are the best…they are hard-working, down to earth, and fun to be around.”

Out of office: Chuck loves to travel with his wife whenever they can. He also likes to play squash, albeit, quite badly (in his own words). But where you’re most likely to find him in the summer months is next to his water smokers that he uses to smoke pork shoulders, brisket and ribs.

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