#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

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#RichardsonIs is a new campaign that we are launching to introduce you to some of the great people who work for our company.

This week, #RichardsonIs…Jason, who leads the sales team for our oat milling business. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, Jason joined Richardson in 2013 with the acquisition of the oat business.

“I feel proud representing Richardson and being part of our growth in the U.S. and feel privileged to lead our sales team along the way”.

As Senior Director, Milling Sales, Jason develops and implements sales strategies for all Richardson Milling products from both the U.S. and Canada – products that can be found in virtually every grocery store throughout North America, from snacks and breakfast cereals to hot cereals.

“Working together as a team throughout Richardson to not only sell our products successfully, but build internal and external relationships is what I love best about my job,” he shared. “I am a strong believer that customers don’t just base their purchasing decisions on who the company is, but because of who the people are as well.”

Having grown up in western Kansas, Jason says choosing a career in agriculture felt like the natural thing to do and, over time, realized that agriculture is part of who he was and who he is today. When he’s not at work or on the road attending tradeshows and sales events, Jason makes time with his family his first priority. He also sneaks in a game of golf – when no one is looking.

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