#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

#RichardsonIs: Employee Spotlight Campaign

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#RichardsonIs is a new campaign that we are launching to introduce you to some of the great people who work for our company.

This week, #RichardsonIs…Kathleen, who is the first person to warmly greet you when visiting our head office in Winnipeg.

Kathleen has been the receptionist at Richardson for over 13 years. Chances are, if you’ve visited our office, you’ve likely had the pleasure of meeting this smiling face.

“Our employees and guests are very important to our company, and I want every person to feel that way when they step foot in our office, so I make sure they always receive a warm welcome and smile.”

Some of Kathleen’s duties include answering the main phone line, responding to emails from employees across the country, updating phone lists and station lists, updating the employee photos in our employee directory, as well as keeping all company contact information current.

What Kathleen said she loves most about her job at Richardson is “the wonderful people I get to work with and the good folks I meet. I feel fortunate that I get to see so many smiling faces every day – each one makes my day a little nicer.” She chose to work at Richardson because she prides herself on treating people with the utmost respect, and she says Richardson is a company that has a strong reputation for appreciating its people and customers.

Outside of work, Kathleen and her husband love spending time with their six adult children and three grandchildren – a fourth is soon on its way! Next time you stop by our Winnipeg office, be sure to greet Kathleen a kind smile of your own and be one of the highlights of her day!

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