Working Together in Support of Ending World Hunger

Working Together in Support of Ending World Hunger

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Richardson Pioneer recently partnered with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank for its 80-acre CHOICE (Conquering Hunger Overseas Is Community Endeavor) Growing Project. Growing and community projects are ways Canadians can support the work of Canadian Foodgrains Bank to end hunger around the world.

Through various growing projects, groups of people plant, tend and harvest a crop, then sell it to raise money for the Foodgrains Bank. Proceeds from the sale of the crop are then donated to the Foodgrains Bank for hunger relief overseas.


Manitoba farmers combining the soybean field in Elm Creek, MB.

The soybean field that was used for this growing project in Elm Creek, Manitoba was combined in under an hour on Friday, October 14 thanks to the generous help of many local volunteer farmers.

The soybean field and most inputs for the field were donated by area farmers and crop retailers. The average yield was 50 bushels per acre with all soybeans delivered to our Richardson Pioneer Starbuck location.

For more information on the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and how you can get involved, visit

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