The Muenster Community Playground Gets a Second Chance

Richardson has always been committed to supporting its communities. What’s particularly special for us is when we not only get to support a local project by providing them with the funds they require to see it through, but when we also get to be part of the team that truly makes it all come together, like we were able to with the Muenster Community Playground.

The team of Richardson Pioneer employees helping with the playground install on July 10.

Two years ago the Muenster Playground Committee was formed after a group of community members came together with a common goal- to replace the existing playground with a new structure that was safe, fun, and accessible for all kids to enjoy. The existing structure had been in place since the early 80’s and was deemed unsafe and outdated. The committee believed that if they could raise the necessary funds within a two-year time-frame, they’d be able to see their project through. They were quite pleased when our local Richardson Pioneer team shared with them that they’d be supporting the project with a donation of $15,000.


With the help of Richardson Pioneer, not only did the committee reach its fundraising goal, but they also received some much welcomed manual labour from our team when it came time to install the new structure. The new wheelchair-accessible playground was officially “opened” mid-July.

Our Richardson Pioneer team presenting the Muenster Playground Committee with a cheque for $15,000 at the official opening celebration.

We are so proud to have been able to support the Muenster Playground Committee with this project from start to finish and hope that the new structure will be enjoyed for years to come.

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