Richardson Oilseed

Canola specialists

Richardson Oilseed is one of Canada’s oldest and largest fully-integrated canola crushing, refining, processing, and packaging operations.

We are involved in every step of the process from the farm gate to the end buyer. Our teams at Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centres help our farm customers grow top-quality canola products, which we buy post-harvest. Some of that seed is shipped across the world, while the rest is delivered to our processing plants to be transformed into end-use products by customers around the globe as well as at our own packaging facilities.

Whether we are shipping canola oil in bulk by tanker truck or stocking grocery store shelves, our commitment to quality and traceability is unwavering. Richardson is a member of the Canadian Oilseed Processors Association.


Oilseed Processing

Every year, Richardson crushes and processes over 1.8 million metric tonnes of canola seed sourced from Western Canadian farmers, meeting growing demand from domestic and international markets. Our processing facilities in Lethbridge, Alberta and Yorkton, Saskatchewan process canola seed into oil – for food, ingredients, biodiesel, and other industrial uses.

Richardson Oilseed also provides canola meal, a complementary product to canola oil in the crushing process. Canola meal is a value-added, quality protein feed ingredient product for livestock. With an amino acid content close that of milk protein, canola meal has proven to be both a healthy and cost effective way to increase protein levels in feed.

oilseed Production and packaging

Richardson operates three oilseed production and packaging facilities that produce food-grade oil and related products marketed and sold by Richardson Food & Ingredients. Our integrated divisions also collaborate on product development and improvement through the industry-leading testing facilities at the Richardson Innovation Centre. 

Food and Ingredients Production and Packaging Facilities

  • Lethbridge, Alberta: Produces shortening for the baking industry as well as retail bottled oil and margarine for the Canadian market.
  • Oakville, Ontario: Produces private label margarine, as well as products for retail, industrial, and food service in Canada, the U.S. and other international markets.
  • Memphis, Tennesse: Produces Wesson brand oil for international retail markets, in addition to frying blends and shortenings for industrial and food service markets.

For Richardson Oilseed sales inquiries, connect with the Richardson Food & Ingredients team.

Industrial production facility

Our Calgary, Alberta facility uses crude canola oil supplied by our Lethbridge crush plant to manufacture environmentally safe drilling lubricants and hydraulic fluids under the Matex and Greenplus brand names.