Richardson Food & Ingredients

Bringing Quality Ingredients to the Table

Richardson Food & Ingredients brings quality products from the fields of local growers to kitchens around the world. This division is responsible for:

  • Leading innovation through product development, research, and testing for oat and oilseed industrial and retail products through the pilot plant and test kitchen facilities at the Richardson Innovation Centre.
  • Directing marketing and sales activities for oil products (cooking oils and sprays, margarines, spreads, and shortenings) and oat milling products (groats, flakes, bran, flour, coated grains and granola clusters, and organic products) to all sales channels:
    • Retail
    • Food service
    • Industrial
    • International
  • Branding and positioning leading retail oil products, including Wesson, Canola Harvest, Crystal, and Mirage.
  • Offering private label oat and oil products in a variety of packaging formats.

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