Not All Oats are Created Equal

Why does one oat buyer prefer one variety and the next one doesn’t? Not all oats are created equal. Each variety possesses different qualities like higher test weight or lower thins. Varieties will also process differently and have different nutritional profiles. Oats go into many products and requirements change when the oats are being used in breakfast cereals, granola bars or packages of oatmeal.

Richardson Oat FieldRichardson Milling has four strategically-located processing mills in Barrhead, AB, Portage la Prairie, MB, Martensville, SK and South Sioux City, NE. Our extensive grain networks enable us to source our raw material directly from the grower, which helps build a strong connection from your farm to your plate.

Farmers and millers are both looking for quality and consistency from oat varieties, but they often look for different traits. When Richardson decides which oat varieties will appear on our preferred list, we take both you and our mills into account. We recognize products that perform well in our mills but not on the field won’t be successful. Richardson’s quality assurance and agronomy teams test oat varieties at Kelburn Farm in southern Manitoba and through our CropWatch™ Performance Trials to find the best varieties that suit the needs of both you and millers. Varieties on our preferred list go through a multi-year evaluation process.

Richardson Milling supplies a broad group of companies producing an extensive range of oat products, which allows Richardson to use varieties other buyers may not be interested in. The preferred variety list has a range of products that you can choose from to find the right agronomic fit for your farm.

Preferred Variety List (as of January 6, 2016)

  • AC Morgan
  • AC Pinnacle
  • CDC Big Brown
  • CDC Dancer
  • CDC Orrin
  • CDC Weaver
  • CS Camden *NEW*
  • Furlong
  • Leggett
  • Souris
  • Summit

Richardson is committed to supporting variety development, providing you with superior marketing opportunities and helping you grow better oats with agronomic products and knowledge. For the most up-to-date list and to discuss your oat growing options, visit your local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre.

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