Oats Expansion in South Sioux City

In June of 2015, Richardson International began construction on upgrades to the Richardson Milling facility in South Sioux City, Nebraska. The 93,000 square foot warehouse facility and maintenance shop is well on its way to completion and was built specifically to eliminate wait times for drivers, and control any food safety issues in house.

oatsRichardson is making headway on the South Sioux City oat milling facility and aims to complete construction in March of 2016. To date the construction team has re-routed the water and sewer lines around the warehouse, built a new employee parking at the south end, and built a new truck scale and probe house. The warehouse foundation construction is an on-going project but they are confident they will wrap up the foundation within the next few months.

Richardson has an ongoing, aggressive commitment to furthering our investment in agriculture in Western Canada,” says Sobkow. “We will continue to enhance our business and look for new opportunities to grow to meet the needs of our customers at home and in world markets.”

Prior to construction, Richardson Milling was using a third party warehouse to store their product in and the original space was used as a maintenance shop. The maintenance shop has been demolished and rebuilt attached to the side of the new warehouse space.


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