Richardson International and The Mosaic Company Partner to Introduce Innovative Crop Nutrition Solution, PowerCoat, to Western Canadian Growers

Richardson Pioneer, Canada’s leading agribusiness, and The Mosaic Company (‘Mosaic’), a global manufacturer of advanced crop nutrition products, are pleased to announce their exclusive multi-year partnership to bring PowerCoat®, a biological fertilizer complement, to Richardson Pioneer crop inputs retail locations across Western Canada. PowerCoat improves nutrient use efficiency by optimizing soil phosphorus availability to plants, when applied to granular fertilizer.  

“We are excited to partner with Mosaic to provide our customers with innovative crop nutrition technology,” said Steve Biggar (Assistant Vice-President, Fertilizer and Energy Products, Richardson International). “Early season success starts in the plant root. This product improves nutrient uptake of phosphorus in fertilizer applications and we are confident in its demonstrated performance. PowerCoat provides important benefits that will ensure our growers unlock the potential of their soils to further enhance yields.”

“PowerCoat is proven science and is well-tested in the field,” said Jeff Wheeler (Vice-President, Commercial, The Mosaic Company). “As we continue to learn how the beneficial bacteria in the soil interact with different nutrients, we are finding that the right biologicals can increase nutrient efficiency, making every dollar invested in fertilizer work harder. We are excited about partnering with Richardson Pioneer and the value this can bring to their growers.”

Improved nutrient efficiency forms part of a 4R Nutrient Stewardship approach to improving farm productivity and sustainability. Since 2021, approximately one third of 4R acres in Canada have been grown in partnership with Richardson Pioneer.   

“Western Canadian growers are innovative and, year in and year out, demonstrate sound farming practices that preserve the integrity of the environment while increasing food production,” said Russ Reich (Vice-President, Crop Inputs, Richardson International). “We are committed to supporting new technology – such as PowerCoat – and are confident in not only the product performance but our ability to support the product through our best-in-class services and our team of sales professionals and qualified agronomists.”

Richardson Pioneer is an industry leader in offering state-of-the-art fertilizer treater technology. With world class fertilizer impregnation systems across its retail network in Western Canada, the company is positioned to provide growers superior and efficient dry fertilizer coating capability.

PowerCoat is now available at all Richardson Pioneer locations. Growers can contact their local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre for product information and to learn more about its performance guarantee.

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