Richardson Pioneer launches new proprietary nitrogen stabilizer, CirrusX™

Richardson Pioneer, Canada’s leading agribusiness, is launching its first proprietary crop inputs product, CirrusX™ – a nitrogen stabilizer.

“As Canada’s leading ag retailer, we are proud to launch CirrusX™ nitrogen stabilizer,” said Russ Reich, Vice-President of Crop Inputs at Richardson International. “Nitrogen stabilizers are important products that support crop yield and farm profitability and we are pleased to offer our customers a product that reinforces our commitment to quality and stewardship.”

Nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization can be a serious problem impacting yield potential and return on investment. CirrusX™ nitrogen stabilizer is proven to control loss from ammonia volatilization, making nitrogen fertilizer more efficient.

“When nitrogen fertilizer is applied efficiently, less loss occurs to the atmosphere,” said Steve Biggar, Assistant Vice-President of Fertilizer and Energy Products at Richardson International. “We strongly believe our customers are sustainable and among world leaders when it comes to fertilizer best practices.”  

The use of nitrogen stabilizers forms part of a 4R Nutrient Stewardship approach to support higher crop yields. Last year, Richardson Pioneer partnered with growers on 43.8% of all 4R-consistent acres reported in Western Canada – the most of any retailer.

CirrusX™ is a liquid formulation urease inhibitor that can be blended with UAN or is used to treat urea. Richardson Pioneer is the industry leader in offering state-of-the-art fertilizer treater technology.

“Our best-in-class assets mean superior coating capability,” said Reich. “We can offer fertilizer blends treated with up to eight different products to meet the on-farm needs of our customers. Plus, our qualified agronomists are positioned to provide our growers with customized advice.”

Richardson Pioneer will be adding to its line of proprietary products in the future, continuing to provide choice and value to its customers.

CirrusX™ is now available at Richardson Pioneer locations across Western Canada. Growers can contact their local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre for more information.

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