The Fastest Fertilizer Blending Technology

At Richardson Pioneer, we are truly invested in enhancing our facilities and services. We now have some of the newest, fastest blending technology in Western Canada, which ensures you have timely access to the innovative fertilizer products you need to help grow your farm business.

That’s why many of our Ag Business Centres are receiving fertilizer blending upgrades and expansions in 2016. The upgrades replace old units with VIS blenders that allow greater flexibility for blending and increased product inventory. This makes our processes more efficient for you and our facilities. The expansions to existing VIS blenders include additional storage and increased blending capabilities. As of March 2016, 53 Richardson Pioneer locations will be equipped with VIS blenders. In 2015, 10 facilities also received upgrades.

Locations receiving upgrades and expansions this year:


  • Fertilizer Blender Richardson PioneerCarseland, AB
  • Three Hills, AB
  • Mollard (Brunkild), MB
  • Tri Lake Agri Limited (Killarney), MB
  • Balgonie, SK
  • Carlton Crossing (Saskatoon), SK
  • Coronach, SK
  • Imperial, SK
  • Maple Creek, SK
  • Unity, SK


  • Westmor Terminals Inc., AB (increased storage)
  • Brandon, MB (additional blending capabilities)
  • Kamsack, SK (additional blending capabilities)
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