RAIL Expansion

The construction project is organized into three phases, for a combined duration of approximately 40 weeks. Construction began December 6, 2022.

Richardson LLR Rail Expansion Project – PER No. 21-057

Figure: Richardson Planned Rail Yard Expansion Project

Green = New Tracking

Construction Activities and Timelines

PHASE 1 - Utilities protection and equipment preparation: December 2022. This will include protections to hydro and water utilities needed to service equipment installed for the project and within the expanded area of the industrial siding.

PHASE 2 - Rail bed: December 2022 - February 2023. This will include the stripping of surficial material and preparation of the rail bed, which is currently situated on a vacant industrial lot.

PHASE 3 - New rail infrastructure installation: March 2023 - Present. This will involve the installation of 15 new rail tracks next to the existing industrial siding, including track-age, switches, crossings, and other essential rail siding equipment.