RAIL Expansion


Once necessary permitting is received – and materials procured – the overall construction timeline will be confirmed and posted to this site.
The construction project is organized into three phases, for a combined total of approximately 20 weeks.

Richardson LLR Rail Expansion Project – PER No. 21-057

Figure: Richardson Proposed Rail Yard Expansion Project

Green = New Tracking


Phase 1

Utilities protection and equipment preparation. This will include protections to hydro and water utilities needed to service equipment installed for the project and within the expanded area of the industrial siding.

Phase 2

Rail bed. This will include the stripping of surficial material and preparation of the rail bed, which is currently situated on a vacant industrial lot.

Phase 3

New rail infrastructure installation. This will involve the installation of 15 new rail tracks next to the existing industrial siding, including track-age, switches, crossings, and other essential rail siding equipment.